Protanki modpack

World of Tanks version
Mod version
23 (Windows 7, 8, 10, 11)
Last update
07.03.2024 11:09
Protanki Lite (exe)145.39 MB

Download official modpack from Protanki Youtube channel and its owner and author - Yusha. It includes a dozen latest versions of useful mods for World of Tanks, which expand game functionality.

Modpack is available in three versions:

  • Protanki Lite - minimal build of mods, does not affect the performance and FPS in the game.
  • Protanki Base - balance between quality and diversity. The best choice.
  • Protanki Extend - contains the largest number of modifications, for sophisticated lovers of big changes.

ProTanki modpack updates to latest WOT version always on time, thanks to its developers doing their job, so there is no need for you to wait for a long time for a new patch.


Among many, Protanki includes such mods as:

  • crosshair enhacements (armor penetration calculator, reload helper, timers and other features);
  • custom crosshait skins (sniper, arcade, artillery, server);
  • PMOD - complex multifunctional mod to improve game experience (commander camera, zoom mod, shake removal, crosshair stabilization and many more);
  • XVM - extended visualisation mod, a huge modification, capable of changing WOT interface, it includes player statistics as well;
  • battle achievements;
  • damage counters;
  • decisive shot mod will show latest penetration spots before your tank was destroyed;
  • closest enemy indicator;
  • safe shot - will prevent from accident friendly fire and from shooting dead tanks (corpses);
  • automatic notifications about being spotted and reload in game chat;
  • fast heal and repair;
  • info panel of selected enemy target;
  • horizontal guidance angles;
  • better damage panels;
  • HP counters;
  • past battle results in game chat;
  • colored penetration decals;
  • bright marks on the trunks;
  • camouflage disable;
  • white destroyed vehicles (white tank corpses) and damaged tracks;
  • armor calc in hangar;
  • battle wounds (shows exact places where your tank was shot);
  • Wargaming FM radio in hangar;
  • replyas manager;
  • crew experience calc in hangar;
  • battle button replacement;
  • extended statistics;
  • alternative events sounds;
  • and many more...

Installation instructions

Yusha (Protanki youtube channel owner) and his team made truly easy installer, no special skills required to use it - the process is all about selecting with checkboxes necessary mods and thats all.

You can select english version in the beginning.

protanki modpack install
Choose game folder.
select protanki mods
Each mod can be included or excluded form install just by clicking on it.
protanki mods
You can preview any mod.
mods to increase fps in wot
On one of the latest steps you can install FPS enhacements to improve your frame rate.


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