PMOD - gingerbread bag

World of Tanks version
Mod version
1.69.0 (Windows 7, 8, 10, 11)
Last update
19.10.2023 16:38
PMOD (zip)2.66 MB

PMOD includes several functional and interface enhacements, therefore it is also called a complex mod.

It is not a modpack, all customization is done by editing config files!


What mods are included in pmod?

PMOD allows to:

  • disable:
    • swinging of the sight and / or camera;
    • dimming and effects in sniper mode;
    • red flashes and shaking when your tank is being hit;
    • zoom inertia in arcade mode;
  • change:
    • the number of steps in the sniper scope and their multiplicity values;
    • starting display of the players panel (ears);
    • time during which a spot marker is displayed (lamp);
    • horizontal stabilization behavior;
    • remote camera at the start of the battle and after death;
    • arcade scope scrolling sensitivity
    • distance in arcade and artillery mode;
  • add session statistics to the system channel;
  • display current zoom ratio in the sniper scope;
  • display enemy detection markers;
  • save the selected server on the game entry window (as before patch 0.8.10);
  • replace post-combat messages;
  • game chat filter from unwanted messages;
  • do not turn on the handbrake in sniper mode when playing on tank destroyers;
  • clean the system channel from unnecessary messages;
  • hide unnecessary pop-up messages;
  • enable a free camera when viewing a replay;
  • remove or put back removable equipment at the touch of a button;
  • set a constant starting value for the magnification of the sniper scope.

    Installation instructions

    There is no automatic installation, everything is manual:

    1. Download the archive.
    2. Unpack its contents or manually drag & drop mods folder from archive to game's core folder.
    3. If it will ask to change files - do it.


    How to configure PMOD?

    No programming knowledge required.

    1. Any text editor is suitable, for example Notepad++ or Sublime.
    2. All mod settings are in the files inside the folder: mods/configs/pmod.
    3. Inside the files you will find a detailed description of all parameters and their standard values.

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