Amway921 modpack

World of Tanks version
Mod version
#2 (Windows 7, 8, 10, 11)
Last update
09.04.2024 15:21
Amway921 Modpack (zip)153.52 MB

Amway921 - popular russian Youtube bloger with more than 2 million subs, thanks to World of Tanks. As many other streamers he has his own modpack.

Amway mods - is a minimalistic compilation of necessary and useful modifications for WOT, updated at every game patch. It doesn't have anything unnecessary, therefore modpack became very popular among players.

This pack includes:

  • XVM;
  • clock in hangar;
  • colored battle results;
  • session stats;
  • expanded tankers info;
  • detailed crew skills descriptions;
  • enlarged spot lamp timings;
  • automatic message "I'm spotted" in game chat;
  • safe shot - blocks accident friendly fire;
  • colored penetration decals;
  • white tank corpses;
  • team's HP;
  • tank experience - shows how many points you need to achieve elite tank;
  • replays manager;
  • Wargaming FM radio;
  • custom load wheel;
  • closest enemy indicator;
  • fast broken modules repair and crew healing;
  • automatic installment of free modules;
  • enemy indication;
  • minimap gun directions;
  • battle effectiveness calculator with damage log;
  • battle results in chat;
  • extended damage panel;
  • commander camera (zoom mod) with disabled effects option;
  • NoScroll - disable sniper mode with mouse wheel (it will work only on Shift);
  • custom sniper mode (x2, x4, x8, x16, x25, x30);
  • more accurate server crosshair with on/off feature;
  • information about selected target;
  • interface and performance enhancements;


Optionally you can disable these features in battle:

  • tank camouflages,
  • logos,
  • inscriptions,
  • clan emblems,
  • dynamic squads form notifications;
  • redness and jitter when taking damage,
  • smooth change of the height of the camera above the tank,
  • tank destroyers hand brake,
  • sniper mode blackout.

Installation instructions

This mod comes with Russian language only!

  1. Download archive from our website and unpack its contents to any location.
  2. You will find executable file inside - run it.
  3. Click "Next" (in russian it says "Далее") until you'll see this screen.
amway921 mods install
Install options.

You need to specify World of Tanks folder here. Two radio buttons in the bottom stay for:

  • delete previous modifications;
  • make backup of your current mod files;

And the last checkbox says "clean game cache and logs".

We highly recommend to delete old mods. It'll help you to avoid unnecessary bugs.

Next step - mod selection with preview, they will be installed in World of Tanks client.

amway921 mod select
Here you can select mods.

The last step is asking you about installing mods for FPS perfomance.

amway921 mods to increase fps in wot
It is useful for weak or old PCs.

Click on "Install" (Установить) and mods will be placed in respective folders.

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