Aslain's modpack

World of Tanks version
Mod version
09 (Windows 7, 8, 10, 11)
Last update
09.04.2024 15:02
Aslain's modpack (exe)86.73 MB

Download modpack from Aslain and install only official mods, approved by Wargaming.

This modpack includes:

  • the ability to enable or disable XVM;
  • a lot of XVM configs (player statistics, combat interface, minimap, damage log and much more);
  • changes in hangar;
  • tank battle icons (dozens of choices);
  • PMOD (camera zoom, functional and visual changes and much more);
  • more than 50 different crosshairs;
  • advanced auto sight;
  • safe shot - blocking random shots at teammates and corpses;
  • informational panels of chosen targets;
  • HP of teams in battle side panels;
  • maximum visibility (fog off);
  • WOT Tweaker features to increase performance and FPS (switching off some effects):
  • and much more...

There are several hundred mods overall, listing them would take a lot of space. Aslain's modpack is one of the most voluminous in terms of the number of possible variations of changes in the game.

Installation instructions

Everything is standard and convenient:

  1. Run installer.
  2. Indicate folder with World of Tanks
  3. Select mods with preview.
  4. If you later will want to change the setup or install other mods, just run the program again (it will remember your choice of the previously installed mods).


aslain modpack установка
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