OldSkool's ProMod

World of Tanks version
Mod version
0936 (Windows 7, 8, 10, 11)
Last update
19.10.2023 16:37
Oldskool's Pro Mod (zip)5.4 MB

Installer is available in English and Deutch.

Light modpack from german developer OldSkool. Promod includes all popular World of Tanks modifications, such as:

  • alternate crosshairs;
  • artillery damage log;
  • penetration view;
  • safe shot;
  • spotted chat message;
  • TD angles;
  • closest enemy indicator;
  • team HP bar;
  • white dead tanks;
  • replays manager;
  • info-panel of selected target;
  • new sounds;
  • PMOD:
    • zoom (in and out);
    • change "Battle" button;
    • crosshair stabilization;
    • effective penetration indicator;
  • XVM:
    • stats in battle and hangar;
    • color blind mode;
    • clock in hangar;
    • damage log;
    • custom tank carousel;
  • mark friends in battle;
  • and many other mods.

Installation instructions

Distinctive feature of Pro Mod - it is lightweight (just couple of megabytes) - installer will download all mods you select from developers server, so there is no need in loading something, what you will never use.

Install is separated in several stages, after each of them the selected modifications are loaded.

First screen with basic settings.


promod preview
Each mod can be previewed.


oldskool promod install
You can turn on or off any mod.


promod download
After each stage Promod will download selected mods.


promod pmod
PMOD settings.


promod xvm
Selection of XVM features.


promod xvm download
XVM is also downloaded separately if you activated it.


promod last screen
Last screen.



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